About the Book

A Christian is defined as one who believes the Word of God. Adhering to this simple standard sends one into a journey of prophetic understanding. Rev. 19:10 states, “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy.” Every prophetic event involves understanding and having a greater knowledge of the heart of God as revealed in his son. The world finds the preaching of the cross foolishness, but to be saved, it is the power of God. How can this be that my Savior would die for me? This is beyond comprehension.

This book is about God and what he wants for man. It is not about what man must do for God. He sent his son to die for man, and this is the only way that man can receive what God desires for him.

The readers will find amazing prophetic events that are all so simply told and verified with understanding that will all be pointing to the purpose for which mankind was created.

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Image of the Beast

Image of the Beast